We're on a mission

We’re here and we’re on a mission. 

We want you to say no to vanilla! 


To celebrate the launch of our totally badass new website we are launching an equally badass giveaway. 


We are giving 3 businesses the chance to win a blog written for them, by our chief cephalopod wrangler, Lyssa. 

This is your chance to see how saying no to vanilla can drive traffic to your website and increase your leads. FOR FREE.


Sounds freaking awesome right?

We want you to be different

We want you to be bold

We want you to be authentic


We want you to win

We know that being brave is hard, and being brave with your brand is even harder. 

But the dirty truth is you need to be brave with your brand if you want to grow. 

Consumers are bored with ordinary.
They want to see your authentic personality, and there is a way to do this strategically.

Want to know how to get in on this action?

Step one:

Sign up using the form below and say “Yes, I want to say no to vanilla!” in the message box. 


Step two:
Check our social media on Friday 28th August when we will announce the winners.


Step three:
Redeem your prize within 3 months and bask in the awesomeness of your new Kraken copy!


Want to win a chance to be a badass?

Sign up now and say “Yes, I want to say no to vanilla!”

Yes - I want to say no to vanilla!