Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an important (and fun) part of your business marketing strategy. You can connect with your target customers, increase brand awareness and create new leads. Huzzah! Social media marketing allows you to build positive relationships with real people. It also allows you to showcase your awesome brand personality and have some fun!

Social media strategy

Y’all need to have a strategy if you want your social media marketing to be successful. 🚀

There needs to be a purpose behind everything you’re doing. 

We can help you define your goals and develop the tactics you need to achieve them. Winner! 🏆

This includes researching your audience and how best to communicate with them. 

It’s important to remember that different platforms attract difference demographics, and you absolutely don’t need to be on every platform. Just the ones that make sense for your brand. 🤘

Social media training

If you’re looking for some social media training, you’re in the right place. 💪

We’d love to work with your team to establish social media marketing goals and give them the tools they need to reach them. 

Are you using the right channels to reach your audience?
Are you sharing the right content?
Are you starting conversations?

We can work with your team to help you nail your social media marketing. 💹

Social media for startups

It can be scary AF starting brand new social media accounts and having zero followers! 😱

The ugly truth is your potential customers judge you on your social media marketing, so it’s important to get it right even when you’re follower numbers are low. 

We can help you pick the right social media channels for your startup 🚀 and help create a banging strategy to help you showcase your awesomeness. 💪

Social media channel management

Channel management is an important part of any social media marketing strategy. 

Responding to engagement, working out the best days and times to post, and gaining new followers are important tasks, that often slip down your priority list. 📜
But don’t worry, we’ve got you! We can take over your channel management, or train your team in how to prioritise these tasks for the biggest impact. Making your social media shine! ⭐

Social media community management

Social media marketing is all about building a community. 💜

It’s not a place to just shout into the void about your awesomeness. 📣📣📣

Community management is what happens after you hit publish on a post.
Its customer service, it’s a discussion on issues, it’s brand listening.
We can help you create a social media community management strategy that will help improve how your brand is perceived online.

Social media research and insights

Social media can be an awesome research tool that can help you make informed, data-driven business decisions. But it’s all about asking the right questions.

We can help you find these questions and refine their delivery. 🙌

You also need to ask yourself, what you will do differently based on the research you are conducting. There’s no point doing research to just create a fancy document. You need to be using this info to drive meaningful change, we can help you find the right way to apply social media research and insights.

Lead generation using social media

So social media marketing shouldn’t be sales heavy, but you can use it to cultivate leads. 
We can help you optimise your profiles to help gather quality leads for potential clients. Leads that can be put into your marketing funnel.
The next step is creating social media content that’s focused on lead generation without being too pushy or salesy. 🤮

Social media content

We 💜 LOVE 💜 creating content for social media.
It’s important to get the balance right of delivering value Vs selling, otherwise, you can totally turn your audience off. And we don’t want that! 

Social media marketing is about building community, and we can help you do that and increase your engagement. You need to think about your target customers and what they would like to see on social media and create it for them. 🤘


Influencer marketing

Social media is the perfect place to connect with influencers you want to partner with.
We can help you create an influencer marketing strategy and help you approach the people you want to partner with. 💪
Often when people talk about influencer marketing, people think of the big names like the Kardashians who are crazy expensive to work with. It might be more appropriate for your brand to work with micro-influencers. We can guide you through this process and help amplify your reach through the right influencers. 🕵️‍♀️

Monitoring, measuring, and reporting

Some agencies might not love this area of social media, but we think it’s super sexy! Love that data baby! 💜

It’s where we get to look at what is working, and what isn’t.
What content is driving engagement, what do people want to see more of?

Are our followers demographically similar to the customer personas we developed? If not, why not?
Ohhhh there is so much juicy data we can use to inform our tactics and strategy. 💜

Emily King from Bluefruit

“Kraken Marketing’s attention to brand and business need was just what we needed to mature our social media accounts.”