Marketing in Cornwall.

25 June 2020

Marketing in Cornwall | The Kraken way

Lyssa is a marketing badass and founder of Kraken Marketing. She is all about using Data-Driven Marketing using Agile methodologies to help businesses level up. Google Women Techmaker, public speaker, and GIF aficionado. She was one of Cornwall's 30 under 30 and Young Business Person of the Year.
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Looking for some digital marketing in Cornwall?

Excellent news – you’re in the right place! 😉

Kraken Marketing is a badass digital marketing agency based in Cornwall, that helps tech companies level up. 

But why are we in Cornwall? For a number of awesome reasons. 

Some personal, some professional – let’s break them down for you. 👇

Personal reasons

I grew up in Cornwall and I really love it here. I’ve travelled the world and lived in some awesome places like France, Wales and London, but Cornwall always called me back.

Here, in Cornwall, I’m surrounded by incredibly talented people and some really amazing businesses who I have the pleasure of working with!
Want some more reasons why we’re based in Cornwall? Don’t worry, I’ve got you!

  • Have you seen the place?😍 Wowsers! How can you not be inspired as a creative living here 
  • I love being in the great outdoors – adventuring on the coastline or in woodland is so much fun!
  • Cornwall has some great wild camping spots that I love to explore in my van
  • I love music and there are are some great music venues and talented bands 
  • There are so many great restaurants with amazing food and drink (too many good margs, not enough time)🍸
  • Oh yeah, and the SEA! Quite possibly the best bit 🌊 


Sounds great right? But wait, it gets even better!

Let’s go through the professional reasons. why we’re doing marketing in Cornwall. 

Superfast Broadband

Since 2011 Cornwall has been transformed by fibre broadband.
By 2015 Cornwall had one of the best rural fibre broadband networks in the world. In fact, it was award-winning!

Totally badass. 🤘


From our HQ in the coastal village St Agnes we’re used to working with people in San Diego, Seattle, Toronto, Israel, Oxford, and Truro.
The awesome Cornish internet allows for seamless video calls – honestly nothing worse than freezing mid-sentence and pulling an obscure face.🤣which inevitably happens at a crucial moment in your call! Be gone video call awkwardness!


Superfast broadband allows us to be totally awesome, and speedy, at marketing in Cornwall. 


Thriving tech scene

Cornwall has an epic and thriving tech scene.💜
Which is great for us, as we do marketing in Cornwall for tech companies.

The Truro and Redruth cluster has been regularly listed in the Tech Nation report as one of the top five fastest-growing tech clusters in the UK and generally being pretty awesome. 



The tech scene in Cornwall is also super collaborative with loads of great groups like Cornwall Geeks, Tech South West, and Software Cornwall


The South West has some amazing tech conferences too!

Agile on the Beach, Digital Plymouth, Tech Exeter, and more!


Cornwall is full of tech enthusiasts of a very high calibre, making it an amazing place for a nerd like me to be. 

It means we get to work on some seriously geeky, juicy content! 




Cornwall has been the home of innovation for generations, which is incredibly cool!

Our mining heritage is world renown, we had copper and tin mines throughout the county. 

Cornwall has sparked lots of mining innovations, a few of which are:


Richard Trevithick (from Camborne) invented the high-pressure steam engine. 

William Murdoch was the first person to use gas lights in his home! Dazzling. 

Sir Humphry Davy (from Penzance) invented the miner’s safety lamp.

Engine house in Cornwall on stormy day.

But it is not just historical innovation.

Spaceport Cornwall is currently being constructive.
Yes, that is right. A spaceport!  WOOO!

Being someone who grew up obsessed with Star Trek this is like a dream come true.
The spaceport will put Cornwall at the forefront of the UK’s space travel and exploration industry.

Cornwall is now home to Goonhilly, Spaceport Cornwall, and AeroH ub.

It is a really exciting time!


Marketing in Cornwall

There are some wonderful marketing companies, agencies, and people in Cornwall.
They are great friends to have and it’s a wonderful community to be part of. 

We share knowledge, skills, and encouragement. 

We may technically be “competition” but it never feels like that. 

In fact, if you require work that doesn’t fit our skill set we will give you recommendations.

We may be doing marketing in Cornwall, but we are not limited by geography. 

The tech stack we use and our epic broadband speeds mean we can work with clients anywhere in the world. 


So if you are fed up of vanilla marketing get in touch.
We can help you level up.