Kraken Marketing mentorship programme .

29 March 2022

Kraken Marketing mentorship programme

Lyssa is a marketing badass and founder of Kraken Marketing. She is all about using Data-Driven Marketing using Agile methodologies to help businesses level up. Google Women Techmaker, public speaker, and GIF aficionado. She was one of Cornwall's 30 under 30 and Young Business Person of the Year.
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We’re super pumped to announce we’re launching the Kraken Marketing mentorship programme! 🥳

Why are we doing this?

Having a marketing mentor is an important part of your career development that helps you become even more badass. We’ve benefited from being mentors and mentees – and we want to share the love! 💜


Oh, and important to mention. It’s 100% free! Funded out of the goodness of our black little hearts. 🤣


We will help encourage you, help you make connections, we will listen to your ideas and provide valuable feedback. 


We’ll be your ally  – we just want to help you bloom!

We're here to stand with you


Why is marketing mentorship important?

Mentors support growth, helping you with personal and professional development. 

Mentors also serve as a source of knowledge – if you’re stuck somewhere or not sure how to progress we can help you.


We’ll help you set SMART goals and encourage and advise you while you achieve them. We can provide you with some additional accountability as you try to grow your career. 


100% honest feedback designed to help you level up! 

Oprah quote about mentorship. Who should apply?

We’re committed to diversity and inclusivity! Everyone is welcome here, everyone should have a seat at the table and have their voice heard.  


This marketing mentorship is about helping you realise and achieve your goals. 


You might be:

🦑 a marketing student

🦑 an employed marketer 

🦑 a self-employed marketer 

🦑 or looking to transition into marketing 


Everyone is welcome! 


And when we say marketing, we’re covering the whole industry. You don’t have to be an all-rounder, we’re open to specialists too!


🦑 copywriters 

🦑 social media managers 

🦑 SEO specialists 

🦑 content marketers 

🦑 email marketers 

🦑 digital marketers 

🦑 PRs

🦑 events managers 

🦑 and more!


If you’re looking to progress your marketing career or transition into marketing – you won’t want to miss this free marketing mentorship programme. 

How to apply to the Kraken Marketing mentorship programme

Interested in being a mentee on the Kraken Marketing mentorship programme?


Please apply by  filling in this short form and  telling us why you want to join our programme. 


The deadline to sign up is Monday 16th May 2022. 





Lauren kraken marketing mentor review.
“Lyssa was a great support during a time in my career where I felt stuck at a crossroad. From helping me revamp my CV and address my imposter syndrome, to creating customer personas and looking at how to report and improve on ROI, I’ve now learnt how to have more confidence in myself and am in a much better position for getting a promotion in the near future. I also have to mention that she is super kind and lovely, immediately making me feel at ease from the moment we met.”