13 December 2021

A Kraken Christmas message

Lyssa is a marketing badass and founder of Kraken Marketing. She is all about using Data-Driven Marketing using Agile methodologies to help businesses level up. Google Women Techmaker, public speaker, and GIF aficionado. She was one of Cornwall's 30 under 30 and Young Business Person of the Year.
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As it’s nearly Christmas and the end of the year, I’ve been reflecting on 2021 and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your awesomeness. 💜


I want to wish y’all a Merry Mother Huckin Christmas!

Merry x-mas!


We’re privileged to have worked with some absolute badasses this year – some as far afield as America. We’ve spent the last 12 months communicating their awesomeness and creating content about AI, SaaS, DevOps, Agile, software development, app launches, meet the team profiles and lots of dreamy opinion pieces. 😍


A personal highlight was speaking at the wonderful Tech Exeter conference again sharing my thoughts on inclusivity and diversity.


What have been your business highlights for 2021? Let us know!


Ready for new marketing ideas?

I know lots of us are winding down for Christmas – huzzah!
But I’ve got a brilliant idea 💡 for you. 

Download our free guide before the break. That way you will start 2022 off buzzing with ideas on how to level up your business. 

Genius!  👇

5 proven ways to increase your website traffic like a badass!


5 marketing tactics to try in 2022

Guys, 2020 and 2021 have been total roller coasters. 🤣


With COVID-19, lockdowns, and all kinds of weird stuff going on – there has been a lot of change and a lot of uncertainty!


I think a lot of us are feeling a bit more hopeful 🤞 that 2022 is going to be a totally badass year. 


So, here are 5 marketing tactics to try in 2022 to help make it a truly awesome year for you and your business.🚀


5 marketing tactics to try in 2022!


OK, that’s it for now. 

Keep being awesome, have an amazing Christmas and we’ll see you next year! 🦑