Photo of hiyield team for guest blog on great websites.

9 December 2020

How to design great websites that convert

Guest blog from Emil Pruden, Studio Co-ordinator at hiyield LTD

Having a great website is no longer just an added bonus for your business.
You need a well-designed website aimed at conversion to gain revenue and look legitimate. 

So, what do you need to do design a great website that converts? 

First, you need to make sure your website stands out

There are an insane amount of websites online.
You need yours to stand out and be different, but also be true to your brand.  


If you want a website that reflects who you are,  you need to find the right development team. We had the pleasure of building the Kraken Marketing website – where we got to unleash the beast of a totally badass website that screams Kraken.  

Keep it simple

Don’t make your website too busy, try to streamline and keep it simple. 

The three main things to consider when trying to achieve simplicity with your website are colours, typography, and imagery. 

Website purpose

To have a website that converts you need to have a well-defined purpose. You should consider your target audience and their requirements when designing your website. And then showcase your expertise, reaffirming they are in the right place. 


No longer is mobile friendly good enough. Your website needs to be designed mobile-first. If you look at your Google Analytics data, it probably says most of your web traffic is from mobile. The few sites I have seen that have more desktop traffic than mobile, it usually because their mobile experience is so abysmal, it is unusable. 


Good website navigation is extremely important for customer retention and minimising your bounce rate. If your navigation is confusing, your users will leave, which is costing you money. Having intuitive and consistent navigation is important if you want a great website. Designing site navigation is not the time to try the unexpected.


Your website needs to have excellent accessibility. That means that your website is designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use it. Web accessibility also benefits people without disabilities


Having the correct hierarchy is not just important for copywriting, but also for your website design. It is important to create a focal point for the most important information and then arrange the other elements accordingly.


But to have a truly amazing website that converts you can’t rely solely on design. The content is crucial. You need compelling language to convert customers. This is something the Kraken Marketing team are great at and can help you with.


Websites are often the first touchpoints for your potential customers.
They need to look good, have great UX, and delight the customer.
We can create that experience by putting your user first. We build websites for them, which in turn yields results for you. 

If you would like to know more about how hiyield can create a website for your customers, please contact us.